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Traditional Chinese medicine Sun Qiang

全中国人民和全世界各个国家的人民群众你们好!由中国新闻联播网主办千家优质权威媒体联合报导能推进大健康的心路历程。特别报道大国医者 国医名师 山东济南中医药世家鹿鸣堂集团董事长,非遗传承掌门人孙强

All the Chinese people and the people of all countries in the world hello! Organized by thousands of high-quality authoritative media joint report can promote the mental process of great health. Sun Qiang, chairman of Luming tang Group, a member of a family of traditional Chinese medicine in Jinan, Shandong province。


Patriotism, innovation, integrity, social responsibility, international vision.... this is the country's hope and expectation for Chinese medicine culture, but also the secret of Chinese medicine culture. Sun Qiang, ——, the intangible cultural inheritor of Sun Tingquan, did it. He said: benefit the country to love, harm the country to evil. I love my motherland, because I am a Chinese. No country, no home. For entrepreneurs, it is a responsibility, a responsibility and an important mission. In the process of development, Sun Qiang, chairman of Luming tang Group, born in Jinan, Shandong Province, a non-leader of the company, will closely integrate the prosperity of the country, the nation and the happiness of the people, and strive to actively shoulder the country and share its worries, so that patriotism and public welfare will infect more people.


Mr.Sun Qiang is currently the chairman of Shandong Luming Tang Group and is not the head of genetic inheritance


Mr.Sun Qiang was born in 1978 in Jinan, Shandong Province (Jinan, Shandong Province- - "Bao Quan" - -the legend of Baotu Spring). His ancestors were The Sun family (see the Sun family tree for details), which inherited the "filial piety" culture of "one emperor" Sun Tingquan ".(Boshan Street (ancient Qingzhou), known as "Sun Ge Lao", Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty). Drawing lessons from the Guanghua Temple Tibetan Academy in Beijing, the former residence of Sun Tingquan has the library (genealogy of Yanshan Sun family) (studied by Sun Tingquan), the "vital qi memory, evil cannot do" and "great cure without disease", prevention, and mobilize the energy of the human meridian system. He is good at using Chinese herbal medicine and the secret recipe of Buddhism to heart.


中医药绝技在民间。如果吃药没有效,化疗又耐药,放疗又受不了,别忘了还有鼻腔闻药,主治上焦部位的结节 肿瘤 癌症,用祖传秘方鼻腔闻药发汗治疗仍然有疗效。

Traditional Chinese medicine unique skills in the folk. If the medicine is not effective, chemotherapy and resistance, radiotherapy can not stand, do not forget to have nasal medicine, the main focus of the focus of the nodule tumor cancer, with ancestral secret recipe nasal medicine sweating treatment still has curative effect.


Chinese name: Sun Qiang;


Stage name: Teacher Lu Ming;


Gender: male;


Nationality: China;


Nationality: Han nationality;


Date of birth: 1978;


Birth address: Jinan City, Shandong Province;


Contact person: 13863443832 Micro electric with the same number


Xi stressed that to follow the law of development of traditional Chinese medicine, inheritance essence, positive innovation, accelerate the modernization and industrialization of Chinese medicine, adhere to promote Chinese medicine and western medicine complement, coordinated development, promote the cause of Chinese medicine and industry development of high quality, promote the Chinese medicine to the world, give full play to the unique advantages of Chinese medicine prevention and role. To contribute to the construction of a health center and the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.


All the diseases can only be divided into two categories.


All the diseases can only be divided into two categories.


The other is caused by their own capillary blockage, called non-infectious disease, also called chronic disease, such as all kinds of tumors, gout, diabetes, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, belong to the contradiction among the people.


Do not regard cancer cells as viruses, viruses are the aggressor, is the enemy, is the active destroyer, must be killed. Cancer cell is our own, it is passive sabotage person, do not have any harm to you, just because of a variety of reasons cannot perform their duty, can be saved, must not kill. Cells and cancer cells have a life cycle, such as hepatocyte life cycle is 180 days, by 180 days cancer cells like apoptosis as normal cells. As long as we regulate the cell living environment, the cell excrement out in time, half a year later the tumor, nodules disappear naturally, our body indicators will return to normal.


[Formula] Buddha hand, almond (dry), ginseng (planting five years), ginseng notoginseng, pueraria, rose, wheat germ and other 25 raw materials.[Conditioning range] Gynecology (lady): relieve liver and relieve depression, nourish qi and blood, lack qi and blood, beauty, slimming and detoxification, nourish qi and Yin, nourish kidney and fight mobile phone radiation, fight endocrine disorders, and delay aging to a certain extent. Men: fill liver blood, for long-term stay up late, work pressure, drinking, has a strong liver detoxification effect, because it is the same medicine and food, can take for a long time, to protect the liver and kidney, strong essence, improve the spirit of the holy effect. To alleviate the sequelae of surgical radiotherapy and chemotherapy, type II diabetes complications, insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, hypertension, gout, regulating acid-base balance, clearing heat and removing annoyance. Reduce the radiation of mobile phone and computer, travel fatigue, cervical dizziness and fever, decreased immunity of sub-health people conditioning and diet prevention, combined with qiushidan acupoint health care paste certain immune regulation effect, internal disease and external treatment. For details, see Mr.Sun Qiang's monograph "Processing of Chinese Medicine from Medicine and Food" (internal data).


Peach food nourishing yuan (solid drink), the entrance is slightly bitter, the aftereffect back sweet, recall childhood memories, mother's taste. When I was a child, every holiday, I will and friends up the mountain to dig medicine, the forest evil in the dark, ninety-nine cloud mountain to find scorpion (tail toxic), back home to drink mother boil wheat hu, unforgettable nostalgia, the taste of maternal love in childhood memory.

  1. 在肺癌中:术后及肺癌胸膜转移症见胸腔积液常用麻黄附子细辛汤、麻黄汤、射干麻黄汤、小青龙汤、猪苓汤、苓桂术甘汤;并发肺部感染常用麻黄杏仁甘草石膏汤、大青龙汤、白虎汤、白虎加人参汤、竹叶石膏汤、桂枝汤类、小柴胡汤、大柴胡汤;并发骨转移疼痛常用桂枝加附子汤、大乌头煎、乌头汤、当归芍药散。

    In lung cancer: postoperative and lung cancer with pleural metastasis, common soup, soup, radix ephedra soup, small green dragon soup, pig Ling soup, and Linggui sweet soup; complicated lung infection, large licorice plaster soup, white tiger soup, white tiger and ginseng soup, bamboo leaf gypsum soup, cassia soup, small bupleurum soup and big bupleurum soup; complicated bone metastasis pain, common decoction, and Chinese peony powder.


2.In esophageal cancer: dysphagia, pinellia soup, small summer soup, summer soup, magnolia officinalis soup, tea soup, etc.; Pinellia soup, poria soup, summer soup, ginger soup, and cornwood soup; gastrointestinal bleeding, galia soup, rhubarb and yellow blood soup; etc.


3.In breast cancer: for breast pain, buhu soup, buji oyster soup, buji soup and cassia zhi soup; for bone transfer pain, buji soup, buji decoction and buji soup; for depression and insomnia, chimellia soup, bamboo leaves and oyster soup, gardenia black bean soup, gardenia licorice black bean soup, gardenia cypress soup and licorice wheat jujube soup.


4.In gynecological tumors: abnormal vaginal bleeding; abdominal pain, poring pills, cassia branch, peony soup, and walnut qi soup; ascites, diarrhea and pig soup; after cervical cancer, plum pills, white head soup, licorice soup and coix seeds; vulva, pruritus and abnormal secretions can be washed in bitter ginseng soup.


When it comes to cancer, we first think of senile diseases. Indeed, most cancers will come with age, such as skin cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and so on. A small number of people are also genetically affected. However, according to the latest statistics, cancer has shown a younger trend, with the number of people aged 20 to 39 rising, something neither patients nor doctors had expected. In addition, the incidence of colorectal cancer among young people is now rising sharply.


For this situation, Mr Sun Qiang with 15 in the spring and autumn in the king heart, Buddhism and Taoist nine big mystery secret Dan and on the basis of family secret sun longfeng soup making techniques (municipal intangible cultural heritage) innovation discovery and research autumn Shi Dan (meridian acupoint bacteriostatic cream), function on the human meridian acupoints (foot sanli point, nasal mucosa, god que point, nasal, huang point), follow the cure of stomach disease prevention ideas. In the past 15 years, more than 21,900 cancer patients were observed (14,900 men in 21,900 and 6,000 women. The youngest was 14 years and the oldest was 83 years; from 35 to 75 with 17900 cases, accounting for 81.7%.) Common problems after surgery and chemotherapy (1. fatigue 2. pain 3. loss of appetite 4. low fever 5. constipation 6. ascites 7. insomnia), Qiushidan has a certain immunomodulatory effect.

  1. 经过经络穴位抑菌膏后,人体经络系统正常排毒 。

1. After the meridian acupoint antibacterial cream, the human meridian system will detoxify normally.


2, to macrophages, T cells, NK cells, B cells and other immune effector cells can promote their activation and enhance the killing ability of specific antigens.


3, Qiushidan also has a strong effect in inducing cell apoptosis.

      4. 太极贴嫩破坏或抑制血管生成,从而抑制肿瘤的生长和转。

4、Taiji tenderness destroys or suppresses angiogenesis, thereby inhibiting tumor growth and turnover.


5.Chshidan can cause cell cycle arrest by acting on different stages of the cell cycle and ultimately inhibit cell growth.


6.Chshidan can cause cell cycle arrest by acting on different stages of the cell cycle and ultimately inhibit cell growth.


Coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, three high people, pulmonary nodules, emphysema, asthma, various types of skin diseases, with nasal smell medicine, sweating and detoxification, blood purification, cerebral stroke sequelae, prevention of brain atrophy dementia, all parts of the tumor, postoperative, radiotherapy and chemotherapy after cancer poison, strong immunity, pneumonia sequelae.


Mr.Sun said the dialectical disease is to grasp the power of both good and evil, the brain thinking to the four dimensional space, help the human body vital qi, the patient evil, including cold wet fire, congestion, phlegm, seven desires, noise, mobile phone, WeChat, games, TikTok, computer radiation, environmental industrial pollution, air conditioning office syndrome all toxins from the human body, so as to achieve "vital memory, evil not dry" to Yin pingyang secret spirit and even the balance.

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